Thank You to our Sponsors!

Conference registration fees and ticket sales cover only 65% of the cost to produce NATC. To make this event possible, we rely on grants, sponsorships, and individual donations. We are truly appreciative of the following individuals and organizations who have committed to making this year's conference possible.

Platinum Sponsors

 Gold Sponsors

 Silver Sponsors

Kyle 'Big K' Abbott - Bachido
Community of Cortez
Derek Oye
Kato Taiko
Kodo Arts Sphere America
San Jose Taiko

 Bronze Sponsors

Kaminari Taiko/UpSynergy

 Copper Sponsors

Grow Zen Culture Space
Shinobu Honma - Chibi Taiko
In Appreciation of TCA
Franco Imperial & Wisa Uemura
Alysse Itatani
Sean Kobashigawa
Ron & Elaine Miyamura
Matt Ogawa

Karen Patrick
Sano & Uyechi Family
Lika Seigel
Alex Sinclair
Taiko with Toni
TaikoArts Midwest (Enso Daiko & ensembleMA)
Krystal Young