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Collegiate Taiko NATC Scholarship Recipients

With the generosity of our donors, TCA was able to sponsor 4 collegiate students to attend NATC as a participant. Our hope is that attending NATC will help the collegiate students learn more about taiko and the greater taiko community. These 4 students showed interest in NATC and ability to take what they learn at Read More

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Drummers’ Circle 2017: A Creative Community

Throughout the month of June, our fundraising committee has been busy with a crowdfunding campaign for this year’s Drummers’ Circle.  The month long campaign has raised over $38,000 to date, approximately 70% of the $54,000 goal.  Eighteen fundraisers across 10 teams have stepped up for some friendly fundraising competition. We are truly humbled by all Read More

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Here Come the Sponsors!

TCA is pleased to announce our sponsors for the 2017 North American Taiko Conference! These generous individuals and organizations have pledged their support for making this year’s conference a success. In the spirit of competition, our sponsors have thrown their support behind their favorite team in the Drummer’s Circle Challenge! We have added their contributions to our Read More

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Drummers’ Circle Matching Announcement from Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten

Yoshihiko Miyamoto, president of Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten has a special announcement as part of the 2017 Drummers’ Circle campaign! We are thankful for the generosity of Yoshihiko and the entire kaDON/Miyamoto family for this amazing matching challenge!  Take this opportunity to make your contribution to this year’s Drummers’ Circle campaign and have your donation count Read More

20 Years to NATC Timeline - Taiko Boom

20 Years to NATC Timeline: Taiko Boom

Shawn Bender was part of the first wave of taiko scholars, completing his dissertation in 2003 on tradition and modernity in kumidaiko. Building upon this ground-breaking work, in 2012 he published Taiko Boom: Japanese Drumming in Place and Motion the first – and to date, only – scholastic book in English about taiko performance. An Associate Read More

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The Drummer’s Circle Challenge!

Which corner of the taiko community can drum up the most support for NATC? The Drummer’s Circle are those individuals and groups that help cover the cost of Conference through donations. TCA is committed to keeping Conference registration costs down to maximize accessibility. However, that means that registration fees only cover 65% of the cost Read More