Update #2 – Focusing on Funding

This month, we are focused on funding. Specifically, we are seeking funding from a wider variety of sources, including expanding our efforts around corporate sponsorships for NATC and identifying new opportunities for funding of TCA programming during non-NATC years. We recognize the financial hardship that many in our community and personal networks have experienced in 2020; the arts industry has been perhaps one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. This is why we need your help. Here are our asks to you… Read More

A Message from TCA Program Manager, Kristina McGaha

My Dear Taiko Family, You have welcomed me this year as TCA’s Program Manager with kind thoughts, messages, and support. We have an amazing community that is unlike any other I have served or worked alongside. As we move forward together through the uncertainty of the year ahead, it is more important than ever to do so with honesty, transparency, and mutual respect while determining and communicating our next steps. Read More