Update #2 – Focusing on Funding

Welcome to September, taiko fam! It’s hard to believe that summer is almost behind us already. But, a new month means new updates on our work toward NATC, so here’s your September update:

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This month, we are focused on funding. Specifically, we are seeking funding from a wider variety of sources, including expanding our efforts around corporate sponsorships for NATC and identifying new opportunities for funding of TCA programming during non-NATC years. We recognize the financial hardship that many in our community and personal networks have experienced in 2020; the arts industry has been perhaps one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. This is why we need your help. Here are our asks to you:

(1) If you hear of a grant opportunity that isn’t the right fit for you or your group – maybe you’re ineligible, maybe you don’t have an interest in applying – would it be a good fit for TCA? We do not want to apply for funds that would compete with taiko community members, but we do want to find those funding opportunities that might otherwise be lost to the taiko community and put them to use. Please keep an eye out, keep TCA in mind, and let us know if you have any leads on any such potential grant opportunities. By helping us to bolster our programming during non-NATC years, you will also be directly supporting our efforts when applying for funding towards NATC as we show funders that we are an organization with a strong infrastructure who will put those funds to work for our community.

(2) Do you have contacts in companies with outreach programs, grant programs, or volunteer grant opportunities? If so, please let us know

(3) Are you personally interested in helping out with our NATC fundraising efforts? A more formal and detailed ask for volunteers to fill various roles will be released down the line, but it’s never too early to let us know what skills, expertise, or interests you have to offer. No matter your experience level, there is strength in numbers and your support can make all the difference.

If you do want to let us know about anything above, please reach out to me (Kristina McGaha). I can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next month my fellow boomers and shakers,

Kristina McGaha
TCA Program Manager